NOW with 300mg Cannabidiol

Our Story:

When we crafted a formula that helped our dogs, sharing it became our mission and our passion.

Wonder CBD Extracts has been successfully improving the health of our human friends since 2013. Over the past few years we started hearing a lot of positive feedback from our patients who had also used it to treat their dogs for various ailments. With that feedback, we knew that a Wonder canine-focused CBD product must be made available.

So, in 2017 we proudly launched WONDER4DOGS. Using organically grown CBD-rich whole plant extract, rich in natural healing and wellness properties, we applied the vast knowledge gained developing our product for humans to formulate the ultimate canine supplement, WONDER4DOGS Phytocannabinoid Formula.


WONDER4DOGS Phytocannabinoid Formula.

The WONDER4DOGS Daily Supplement is the ideal blending of our organically grown CBD-rich whole plant extract and Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil. Providing the health, wellness and nutritional properties of both oils in one, dispensed from an easy-to-measure graduated dropper, our formula provides the health benefits your pet deserves, consistently and reliably. All natural ingredients with NO artificial colors or flavors.

  • Using only Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil and Organically Grown Wonder Whole Plant CBD-Rich Extract
  • Naturally high in Omega-3 fatty acids including EPA and DHA
  • Easy and simple to measure for accurate usage per your pet’s weight
  • Proudly made in the USA
  • Independent Lab Tested by Cannalysis Labs
  • Available in a 30ml/1oz. tincture bottle with 300mg of Wonder CBD

Always Independent Lab Tested

Our extract is independently lab tested for purity of content by Cannalysis Labs in Santa Ana, California.

Please see our detailed Test Report linked in the menu tab above.

Naturally Non-Psychoactive

Our exclusive CBD-rich whole plant extract is made from an organically grown, high-CBD strain that is naturally non-psychoactive.

Easy Application with Graduated Dropper

Eliminate the guess work and provide your dog the most accurate amount each time, every time.

Suggested Uses:

  • Pain
  • Arthritis
  • Nausea
  • Seizures
  • Inflammation
  • Anxiety
  • Mobility
  • Wellness

Now you can rest assured your pet is receiving only the highest quality ingredients and the cleanest, most effective and beneficial CBD formula.


“My sweet 14 1/2 year old rescue pup, Oso, was diagnosed with a brain tumor, laryngeal paralysis, and Cushing’s syndrome in December of 2017. He was progressively declining with grand mal seizures, weakness, possible pain, rapid breathing, and anxiety with decreased ability to regulate his body temperature. Since using W4D six weeks ago, Oso seems so relaxed, has more pep in his walk, and sleeps through the night. I know for for sure it was because of this wondrous product, that Oso has improved as I had to go without it for a few days twice (ran out of it) with resulting old behaviors (ie. rapid breathing, restlessness, decreased pep in his gait). Oso is now able to enjoy his daily life and continues to love his job as a therapy dog for children with disabilities. I enthusiastically and highly recommend this amazing product!!!”

Kim D.

Woodside, CA


“Wonder CBD oil is amazing! My 6 year old Chihuahua Buster suffers from separation anxiety and also misses his pal Nickey, a German Shepherd who passed on last year. Since Buster has been on a regiment of Wonder CBD oil his demeanor is calm and the recent 4th of July was the first that he was calm with all the fireworks going on. I recommend Wonder4Dogs CBD to any dog who is suffering.”

Leslie & Buster

Santa Clara, CA


“I have a 6 year old Belgium Malinous. He is highly trained in protection and agility. A few months ago I noticed a limp in his right rear leg. As he is a very active dog, this happens every so often. But this time the limp just would not go away. I took him to the Vet and he said it looks like a strained muscle, no big deal. However, it persisted. I did some research and found the Wonder4Dogs CBD product. A few drops a day for a week and the limp disappeared. I was amazed! He also seems to have a more even attitude, and for this breed, that is welcome. I would highly recommend the Wonder CBD oil for your dog!”

Tom A.

 San Jose, CA


“At age 10, our 65 lb. female Goldendoodle Hallie started showing signs of aging. She had some arthritis in her left  ankle and had also developed a couple of fatty tumors common in elder Golden Retrievers. When we heard about Wonder4Dogs we started her on a twice daily dosage. Within 2 weeks we first noticed her arthritic limp disappeared. Then we monitored her tumors and discovered they had stopped growing altogether. We’ve had her on the CBD for over 3 years now and she’s doing great, eagerly going for daily 3 mile walks!  We couldn’t be more pleased. Thanks Wonder4Dogs.”

Ernie S.   

Milpitas, CA


My dog Daisy Sunshine was very anxious and skittish. I noticed a difference after two weeks of Wonder4Dogs. She is much more resilient. She is still afraid of new things but recovers from the encounters much more quickly. In normal situations she is now smiling, wagging her tail and has a new bounce in her step. Thank you so much for making this possible. It brings me such joy.

Cynthia Martin

San Jose

“Our 8 year old Rottweiler”

Dear Wonder Extracts,
Just when I thought you could not possibly do even MORE for our family
(because your 1:1 Wonder Oil literally saved my own quality of life!) you once again swoop in and save the day. I’m literally getting teary-eyed as I write this. Our pup (she just turned 8) is more than a dog friend. She bonded very strongly with me as I went through heart failure and then eventually transplant. She is my emotional and mental support. She’s always here by my side, but when I’m down she steps up her presence. She is amazing. Sadly, she has had her share of health challenges. The list is long, but one of her biggest challenges is that she suffered a torn ACL a couple years ago. As a result she has some mobility issues and her front right paw has become deformed and she limps. (We did all we could after her injury. Surgery wasn’t an option as she is 125 lbs and the success rate for a dog that size was basically 50/50… so we bought a $1000.00 brace for her and did therapy and tried supplements) Even with the brace she has compensated for her rear leg injury by leaning heavily on her front leg. This has resulted in her paw becoming flattened and deformed. We had been buying a supplement for about $80 a month and had seen a small improvement but nothing really significant. When we discovered that Wonder (who had saved my life!) made a product for dogs, we couldn’t get our hands on it fast enough. THIS product is amazing. My 8 year old Rottweiler, who has suffered a torn ACL and has some serious gut issues too, came BOUNDING down the stairs after about three days on this product! She ran to her favorite stuffed toy (which she always just snuggled with) and grabbed it, tossed it into the air and then played with it like that for at least five minutes! This puppy like behavior brought me and my wife to tears. We had been thinking she was nearing the end of days… she wasn’t  walking much at all, mostly laying on her bed, and we could see the pain in her eyes…  but after a few days on Wonder4Dogs she is BACK! Let me also say that we had tried several other CBD products for dogs and all were failures. They did nothing except give her the poops. I cannot stress enough that if your dog has any mobility issues, even just those that may come with age, you have GOT to try this product. And let me lastly add that we were spending more than 3x what this AMAZING product costs but were getting minimal help for her. Now, she is feeling so good and we are once again SO grateful to the folks at Wonder. We almost lost our pup but their product literally brought her back to us. 
Jonathan and Sandra Ford, CA


My dogs have provided happiness not only to our family, but to so many people, young and old for years as therapy dogs. I owe them the best life has to offer and your product has provided a major relief of pain and symptoms. I truly appreciate Wonder4Dogs! Oh, by the way, it’s really helping my cat, too!

Eleanor Pereau Placerville, CA


This is Sky. Thanks to Wonder she no longer is hanging out on the bed.  She once again can run comfortably and use all that pit bull energy she has. I had a choice of surgery with the probability of her damaging her other knee or try this miracle elixir called Wonder. Well I couldn’t be happier with my choice.

Thanks again guys for your hard work and dedication to your craft. I  can’t believe we went from a lame sad dog back to this happy energetic pup so quickly.  One last thing I must mention she loves it. She sits and waits every morning next to the counter where I keep it. She sees me getting it ready and stands up with anticipation.

Great Product.

Sincere Thanks,

Rick Cutbirth